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Events are unique. Each one is like a language, with distinct letters and sounds. 

With an accumulation of 20 years in the event space, we have mastered the dynamic of each event type. Safe to say we speak every event language—from comedy shows to family gatherings, religious events to music concerts. We have gathered small and large numbers at different times and in different locations. We have catered for both homogeneous and heterogeneous audiences. And now, we are ready to cater for YOU and your event!


Many know ChocParty as the biggest event of the year in Ibadan (if you don’t know, you need some software update) but for you, we have decided to be more! Same ChocParty but more event expressions; and yes, your favourite event of the year which is held every 26th of December still stands.

So, brace up, it is about to get litier from here!

Things that make us proud

Keeping the town warm since 2010

Meet The Convener

As a passionate entrepreneur and chocolate enthusiast, Oluwajare Fola-Bolumole founded ChocParty with a vision to harness the power of chocolate to mend broken relationships, strengthen existing ones, and build new ones. With a keen eye for innovation and a dedication to quality, Oluwajare has led the team to create delicious and unique chocolate experiences that bring people together and foster meaningful connections.
With a strong background in numerous leadership roles and event management, Oluwajare brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ChocParty. As a creative problem solver, skilled communicator, and natural leader, Oluwajare inspires the team to push boundaries and strive for excellence.
Oluwajare’s passion for building strong relationships and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that every ChocParty event or product is a memorable and delightful experience, designed to nurture and celebrate the beauty of relationships.

People committed to this purpose

Oluwajare Fola-Bolumole


Temitayo Johnson Laleye

Vendor Manager

Noel Abiodun

Event Coordinator

Shiloh Yodellé

Volunteer Manager

Temitope Olabisi

Event Planner

Jomiloju Ogunleye​

Lead Logistics

Oluwabunmi Fola-Bolumole

Member, Board of Directors

Moyosore Alabi

Stage Activities Manager


At Agodi Gardens